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I saw Sarah last year for a few sessions.  She did an initial consultation with me and really listened to my concerns.  I felt she understood and didn’t make me feel silly.  Sarah helped me to understand what sort of learner I am and how to use this to my advantage.  For example, using visual learning techniques to revise efficiently for exams.  I now feel much more confident, especially as Sarah was always very encouraging and put a positive spin on my whole experience with her.
I asked Sarah to see my daughter to help with some general anxiety concerns, but also regarding dealing with the stresses of school, especially exams.  My daughter felt at ease with Sarah immediately as she was friendly and clearly able to relate to a teenager.  Whilst Sarah hasn’t discussed the details of her sessions, she has always kept me in the loop and suggested how I may support at home.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone who feels their children would benefit from some confidence and support whilst growing up and developing. 
Thank you so much for a wonderful and enlightening session yesterday! My daughter was on a complete high when she came out and we are well on the way to having the most psychedelic times tables cards! I have some really useful notes and pointers that I will share with her teacher next week.

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