About the Company


Connective-Learningis based in Maidenhead Berkshire and works with students from this and surrounding a reas.

Students can attend the offices in Maidenhead, Bourne End and, if more appropriate for anxious students, home visits can be arranged.


Connective-Learningoffers a bespoke service coaching students to identify
their own unique style of learning. Tailoring study techniques to the
students and not the student to the technique.

We believe that our unique style of coaching students helps them overcome any anxiety or stress around their learning.


Our Passion

Connective-Learningbelieves that no student should feel like a failure at school or college and that everyone has massive potential and ability.

We encourage working with the students, their parents and schools to help tailor their learning environment for them to achieve their best. Being at school and taking exams can be very stressful for parents and students. By working together, we can help clear the confusion and reduce stress for everyone involved.

About Sarah Brazenor BSc (Hons) - Director

Sarah has a passion for learning and enjoyed a positive experience at school. She went on to gain a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology at Leeds University and worked for the Pharmaceutical industry for 12 years. It was here she discovered her passion for helping people grow and develop, and consequently she left that industry to set up her business to help people.

Sarah qualified with Trevor Silvester at the Quest Institute , who developed a model of learning pioneered at the world famous Metropolitan Police Training School at Hendon.  His approach proved that students improved their test results between 10% to 30% with under three hours coaching in his method.  Sarah, who qualified as Master Practitioner of NLP and Learning in 2012,  uses and adapts this method working with students from age 9 upwards.

Sarah, as a parent, has first-hand experience of how stressful school can be for some children and how much pressure there is to achieve the top grades. Not every child will achieve A grades but every child should be equipped to learn and study in the best way for them. By empowering the children to learn, results improve and the children feel more confident and hence are more successful.

Sarah’s work with adults with low self-esteem and confidence issues often hi-lights the role a negative experience at school can have on life afterwards. Her work with young people to increase their confidence and their self-esteem naturally supports them growing into confident adults with a “can do” attitude.

Sarah has also spent a lot of time building close relationships with teachers and head teachers from a variety of schools. This offers invaluable insight into the constantly changing educational system. This helps the company to remain fresh and constantly evolving to best serve its students.


There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination and wonder.

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