Consultancy Services

Connective-Learning welcomes enquiries from schools and colleges about the work we do. Although most of our earlier work has been based around 1-2-1 coaching we are now in a position to offer advice and training to interested schools and colleges.

Our work is bespoke and fits the needs of the client and hence we can tailor our input to individual's requirements and budgets. This can range from information evenings for parents, to whole learning programmes for the students and teachers at the school.

Connective-Learning has a passion to build a generation of confident and able students, where no one feels a failure and fosters a "can do" attitude and examples of the type of training we can do are below.

Identify Learning Styles

Students identifying their learning style (LS) preference

Teachers identifying their teaching style (TS).

Teacher identifying the LS of their students.

Information for parents on supporting their child’s LS.


Tools and Techniques

Effective note taking and revision note taking.

How to revise effectively.

Understanding the importance of the right language and study aids for students.



Workshops delivered to a year group on learning styles, note taking and revision techniques.

Support and guidance to teachers on implementing the program.

Information evenings to parents on the program.

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Information sessions for parents and students on effective learning and revision.

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Training for teachers to implement LS and TS in the classroom.

The use of the right language for the right style and how to motivate the unmotivated.

There is no such thing as failure – just feedback.

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