"If you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree it will live it’s whole life believing it’s stupid."
Albert Einstein

Our education system believes that it is fair to measure everyone by the same exam methods which does not allow everyone to shine. Would you like to discover how your child learns and more importantly be a success in a system that is designed for the minority of students?

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In the first few years of school learning used to be fun, but fun tends to disappear when exam pressure mounts.  Especially in years 9-13 when schools have to hit targets and grades are the measure of success for students and their schools.

With so much emphasis placed on GCSE exams and A Levels, it’s easy for your child to become overwhelmed and feel like they aren’t being successful in their studies and achieving their potential.

What are the causes of exam stress?

Coping With Exam Anxiety

What if your child could look inside their brain, read their personalised operating manual, and understand how to switch on their learning potential?

What if they could learn how to deal with exam anxiety using simple, yet powerful activities, revision tips and practices that they can implement quickly and easily?

How would their life change?

“As the confidence grows, the learning flows”

Support Is Just A Phone Call Away

By working with Connective Learning you will be accessing the unique Brazenor method of learning.

Perhaps for the first time you and your child will begin to understand how their brain’s learning system actually works and begin to see what are the obstacles standing in their way.

We cannot change our education system but we can equip your child with the tools and techniques that will help them navigate this imperfect system.  We can give them an “unfair advantage”.

 There is no need for exam stress if your child feels confident and ready to grow.

With support, accessed in a variety of ways from Connective Learning, you and your child will see clearly for the first time a way forward that plays to their strengths and makes success become achievable.

Begin the journey to fully understanding your child’s natural learning style, with a one hour discovery session today for only £99.

Study Success Programme Dive straight in.  A mixture of work books, videos and unlimited  121 coaching calls

Here's what previous parents have said.

Our Vision For Your Child

What makes Connective Learning different from subject tutors and school teachers?

Subject tutors and teachers have to use a specific script and method for all of their lessons, irrespective of whether this works for that individual child’s learning style.

If your child doesn’t know how they learn or believe they can’t learn, no amount of time with a subject tutor or teacher will improve their success.

By discovering how they learn using the Brazenor Method they can begin to understand what will work for them and what won’t.

Your child will begin to believe they can be successful and go from I can’t, to I can and will.

Why our students are more likely to achieve the success they deserve

By using their natural learning preferences students begin to take control of their learning. They will fully understand if they learn best through reading, listening, watching or get hands-on to learn something new. Understanding what works best for them is the core of the Brazenor method. Time and time again students discover that they can learn and use techniques never suggested by their teachers.

Using the right methods just means that they will be achieving in way’s never experienced before. Learning will be FUN again.

The Teenage Success Coach

I’m Sarah Brazenor, a mum of two boys who have had their own learning struggles in our imperfect education system. I’ve been the parent who knows their child is capable of so much more, but that potential seems to be just out of reach.

Learning how to learn is not on the school syllabus and it should be. Once your child truly understands their own skills success has to follow. I’ve made this my mission.

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