Exam stress can be a thing of the past

Discover the best revision technique to enable your child to learn in the most effective way and unlock proven strategies for dealing with the effects of exam stress and anxiety

Learning should be fun, but if your child is in Years 9-13, exam pressure means that learning can be challenging, leaving you all feeling stressed and anxious.

With so much emphasis placed on GCSE exams and A Levels, it’s easy for your child to become overwhelmed and feel like they aren’t being successful in their studies and achieving their potential.

What are the causes of exam stress?

Coping with exam anxiety

What if your child could look inside their brain, read their personalised operating manual, and understand how to switch on their learning potential?

What if they could learn how to deal with exam anxiety using simple, yet powerful activities, revision tips and practices that they can implement quickly and easily?

How would life change?

“As the confidence grows, the learning flows”

Support, accessed in a variety of ways

With support, accessed in a variety of ways from Connective Learning, you and your child will see clearly for the first time how their brain’s operating system works and think about the things that help their brain learn and the things that really don’t help.

They’ll get tools and techniques to help exam stress melt away, leaving them with clarity about how to be successful and excited for their future education.

Begin the journey to fully understanding how your child learns best, including their optimum revision technique, with a discovery session today for only £99 for 90 minutes.

Revision Technique, Discovery Sessions with Connective Learning

Dive right into the Study Success Programme

6 online modules and 3 x 1:2:1 coaching sessions, covering everything they need.

Here's what previous parents have said.

The Sciency Bit

What makes Connective Learning different from another exam study specialist or learning coach?

During the coaching sessions, your child will participate in a range of activities, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive therapy techniques to work out how their brain processes information most easily.

How do you learn best and what’s your most effective revision technique?

Some people learn best primarily through reading, some through listening or watching and others prefer to get hands-on to learn something new. Most people use all these techniques together but tend to prefer one way over the others. If you or the school do not understand how your child learns best, this may be preventing them from using the most effective strategies.

Your Learning Coach

I’m Sarah Brazenor, a mum of two boys who have had their own learning struggles and suffered with exam anxiety. I’ve been the parent who knows their child is capable of so much more, but that potential seems to be just out of reach.

I’ll help your child reset their mindset for learning, giving them the confidence and motivation to achieve their goals.

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