Unlock your child's full learning potential with our personalised coaching and support programme's at Connective Learning

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Unlock Your Child’s Learning Potential with the 3Ls Framework© at Connective Learning

At Connective Learning, we know that you deeply care about your child’s academic success, and their happiness in their learning journey. Using our unique 3Ls Framework© you and your child will gain insight into their brain’s natural learning preferences (L1) and discover their most effective techniques and tools to study and revise. We will help them overcome any learning limiting beliefs standing in their way to (L2) and enhance their learning experience (L3).

Our personalised support and coaching will equip your child with an “unfair advantage” to excel in their studies and overcome exam stress, so they can feel confident and ready to grow. With flexible support accessed through Connective Learning, you and your child will see a clear path forward that plays to their strengths and makes success achievable.

I’m brand new to Connective Learning - which service should I use first?

While we offer a range of programme’s to support your child’s academic success, we highly recommend starting with our one-hour discovery session for only £99. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your child’s natural learning style through this session, you can unlock their full potential and make the most out of our tailored coaching and support programme’s.

Learning Style Discovery Session

Study Success Programmes

“As the confidence grows, the learning flows”

What makes Connective Learning different from subject tutors and school teachers?

At Connective Learning, we strive to help your child achieve success by tailoring our coaching and support programme to their unique learning style, using our proprietary 3Ls Framework©.

Unlike subject tutors and school teachers who use a standard approach, we believe that by discovering how your child learns best, they can unlock their full potential and go from “I can’t” to “I can and will”. Our students have a higher likelihood of success because they take control of their learning and understand how they learn best, whether it’s through reading, listening, watching, or getting hands-on. With our methods, students often discover new techniques and enjoy learning again.

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The 3Ls Framework©: Sarah Brazenor

As a mother of two boys who have faced their own challenges in the education system, Sarah Brazenor knows what it’s like to see her children’s potential being hindered.

That’s why she developed the 3Ls Framework – to help children learn how to learn and to understand their own unique skills, so they can achieve the success they deserve. Sarah believes that learning how to learn should be a fundamental part of the school syllabus, and with the 3Ls Framework, she’s helping parents and children overcome the obstacles standing in their way.

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