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Are you the frustrated parent of an anxious teenager who is struggling to find their  exam confidence? How can an education consultant help?

You know that your child is intelligent and capable of achieving so much more, but something isn’t working and no-one is listening.

Your child is stressed, perhaps they have emotional or even physical health impacts from not coping well with schoolwork and having exam anxiety. They feel like a failure or that they ‘aren’t academic enough.’

As a concerned parent who wants to help your child gain that exam ready confidence, it isn’t easy to find the right support – sometimes it’s not clear exactly what will be helpful.

But there is something simple you can do now that will help your child unlock their learning potential, gain self-belief in their studies,  feel confident in the exam hall and avoid panic during the exam. An education consultant can help with all of these areas and help your child unlock their true potential.  The power of true STUDENT LED LEARNING.

Beat Exam Anxiety with an Education Consultant

Let me work in partnership with you and your child to help them discover simple tools and techniques to finally beat exam anxiety.

I’m Sarah Brazenor, an education consultant, based in Maidenhead, Berkshire and I love to work with teenagers.

Having supported two teenagers of my own and over a hundred other students to finally love learning and achieve their potential, I’ve seen how even a small increase in confidence can dramatically alter students capacity and motivation for studying, helping them to remove the stress from homework, revision and exams.

If you have any questions I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Education consultant, Sarah Brazenor

Achieving GCSE Exam Success

Every teenager has the capacity for learning – they just haven’t been shown the right skills and tools that work best for them.

That’s where I can help.

Using my unique style of coaching, combining NLP and Cognitive Therapy, your child will understand how their brain works. Think of me as the motor oil for the car engine – I help everything work more smoothly, so that learning isn’t an uphill battle every time they sit down to study.

My background in hypnotherapy means I can work at a deeper level with students than most other tutors can. During the first session, there will be ‘Aha’ moments and they will break down their barriers to learning. Further sessions or my online Study Success course are useful for embedding the tools and techniques ongoing.

I get so much satisfaction and joy from the heartfelt emails and testimonials from parents and students who feel that the work we have done together has had a huge impact on their current and future education.

I’d love to receive an email like that from you one day soon.

Find out more about how your child can gain exam confidence and benefit from my coaching and courses.

Useful Additional Resources

We recommend a range of online resources that can further help your child to succeed at GCSE and beyond.

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