Breaking Down The Mental Blocks To Learning

Have you ever felt like there is something inside you holding you back, stopping you from achieving your goals? Like someone has thrown up a road block in front of your train of thought that just won’t let you past. If you try and find a way around it, that same someone pops up and pushes you back, always moving so can’t move forward. We’ve all been there sometimes, and it can be really frustrating! For lots of people these blocks are temporary and will go away after a while. But for some people, these blocks are a permanent fixture, always there looming over them. External issues and barriers are easy to identify and deal with, but when it’s something in your head it can be a lot more difficult to overcome. Breaking down the mental barriers our in subconscious is no easy task, but thankfully, it can be done!

What Is A Mental Block?

Before we can work on breaking down a mental block, we need to understand what it actually is. A mental block is basically a psychological obstacle that prevents you from learning or performing a particular skill. These barriers aren’t just ‘there’ – they are created by a deep set internal belief that you just can’t complete a task. For example;
  • If a child feels they aren’t good at maths, they may find that their ability to understand new problems or retain information about maths gets worse, because they don’t believe they can do it.
  • You could be applying for a new job and feel you are unqualified or unable to learn an essential skill for it, so your performance and interview will be affected.
  • A bright child who does well at school, but doesn’t get enough appreciation or positive feedback might get frustrated and struggle to keep performing.
  • A business woman who deals with suppliers and negotiates with customers all day, yet when she has to deal with her husband and kids she loses her assertiveness.
  • Someone who has gone through a difficult situation in the past, who now feels unable to deal with certain situations.

These are just a few examples – the list goes on. It doesn’t just apply to learning either, mental blocks affect all aspects of our lives. These barriers are usually created by incorrect or unhealthy thought patterns, like denial or a perceived lack of knowledge or skill. These barriers can be created very early on in our lives and form the foundation for our personality, self-confidence and learning ability. Once these barriers go up, it can be really difficult to break them back down again.

How Do We Break Them Down?

For the parents of children with leaning barriers, it can be incredibly frustrating to see your child struggling to understand a subject, especially if you know they have the skills to do well. So what can you do to help your child break down their mental blocks and get the most out of their time at school? Overcoming these ingrained psychological barriers involves a lot of hard work and support from everyone around you. I work with children and adults to provide a realistic, informed perspective on their blocks and struggles. From there we can work together to slowly break through the barriers with persistent changes of thought and action, along with other techniques to help boost confidence self-belief. If you are struggling with mental blocks to learning, having someone to help you break out of them can change your life. To find out more, get in touch and see how I can help you kick down the walls every time.


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