Sophie’s parents approached me after her year 10 mock exams.  Sophie was feeling overwhelmed before her exams, was revising 4 hours a night, but didn’t feel prepared.  In her mocks she experienced brain freeze and panic attacks for the first time, resulting in some exams not being completed and in others her results were very disappointing.  Not the 7, 8 and 9s she was expecting.

Initial action

Sophie was booked in for a discovery session and through careful questioning, a few quizzes and using our unique 3Ls framework©, we were able to ascertain the following.

Learning Preferences (L1) – How the brain prefers to learn.

Sophie showed a preference for Visual and Audio Digital preferences, which are ideally suited to the school learning environment.  We were therefore very keen to find out what the other Ls in our framework were telling us about her learning mindset.

Limiting Beliefs (L2) – Identifying any beliefs that are limiting the ability to learn and reach full potential.

Sophie was a very hard-working student and was very much in the mindset that the harder you work the better you will do.  Sophie had files and files of detailed notes, which were beautifully colour coded and she believed that this was the best way to revise and study.

Learning Journey (L3) – Understanding the experiences of learning, both positive and negative.

As the workload and subject numbers increased at secondary school, Sophie was trying hard to maintain her high levels of study.  She was putting herself under enormous pressure to get those top grades and was beginning to think she wasn’t the best student.

Action Plan

It was recommended that Sophie had coaching focusing on

Sophie was ideally suited to the Study Success Programme, which had all the information and guidance she required.


Working over the summer holidays gave Sophie time to perfect her study skills and simplify her revision notes.  Being enrolled her in the study success programme before the start of year 11 meant Sophie had all the material she needed to perfect her preparation for her GCSEs.

Sophie sat all her GCSEs without any panic and passed them all with grades 7-9.  Achieving her full potential.

Her parents have noticed a real difference in Sophie and are delighted that she is enjoying school and learning again.

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