Yousef’s parents approached me after his first set of mock exams in year 11 didn’t go well.  He was at least 2 grades down from predicted grades and had achieved a grade 3 in English Language.  They had had several subject tutors before the exams, but they don’t appear to have improved his grades.

Initial action

Due to Yousef’s location, a discovery session was carried out over zoom.   This enabled us to record the session and Yousef was able to refer back to it.  Using our unique 3Ls framework©, we were able to ascertain the following.

Learning Preferences (L1) – How the brain prefers to learn.

Yousef showed a preference for Tonal and Kinaesthetic processing, which are often not catered for well in the school learning environment. Yousef did find some teachers difficult to follow, they were either boring or just didn’t make sense. He also found it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time.

Limiting Beliefs (L2) – Identifying any beliefs that are limiting the ability to learn and reach full potential.

Yousef was beginning to believe he wasn’t going to pass his GCSE’s. He also believed he couldn’t do English Language as he really didn’t understand his teacher or the tutor he’d had.

Learning Journey (L3) – Understanding the experiences of learning, both positive and negative.

Yousef had had a mixed journey through school, with some teachers he really liked and some he just didn’t understand.  Interestingly the subjects he felt most confident about were taken by teachers he really liked. Generally the lessons were interactive and he found it easier to concentrate.

Action Plan

It was recommended that Yousef would benefit from understanding his learning preferences and how to use them.  There were many tools and techniques that Yousef could try that he was not aware of.  Due to the closeness of his next set of mocks weekly coaching sessions were arranged to cover the following


The next set of mocks showed a grade improvement for each set of mocks and he achieved a grade 4 in English Language.

Yousef continued with coaching up until his GCSE’s.  He passed all his subjects with grades higher than his mocks and achieved a grade 5 in English Language.

He now has the perfect study skills for year 12 and beyond.

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