Stephanie’s parents approached me as they were worried about their daughter’s happiness at 6th form.  She’d moved to a different college and had picked 3 subjects she’d enjoyed at GCSE.  Mathematics, Physics and Business.  However, she had completed one full term and was really unhappy.  Her recent exams she received an A in business and ungraded in both Maths and Physics.

Initial action

Stephanie’s parents booked a discovery session for her. Using our unique 3Ls framework©, we were able to ascertain the following.

Learning Preferences (L1) – How the brain prefers to learn.

Stephanie had preferences for audio digital, tonal and visual learning.   In theory her brain was well suited to the logical subjects like Maths and Physics and the more applied subject, Business.

Limiting Beliefs (L2) – Identifying any beliefs that are limiting the ability to learn and reach full potential.

Stephanie achieved grades 8 and 9’s in her GCSE for these subjects and assumed the transition to A level would be easy.  However she was really struggling with her Maths teacher who’s pace of teaching was very fast.  She wasn’t enjoying Physics because it was nothing like GCSE.  She was beginning to see herself as a failure and didn’t think she was good enough for A levels.

Learning Journey (L3) – Understanding the experiences of learning, both positive and negative.

Stephanie really enjoyed her secondary school and had been in a small year group.  She liked all her teachers, and they really understood her well.  She had to go to a different sixth form as her school didn’t have one.  Her current sixth form felt unfriendly, and she found it difficult to make new friends.  She really didn’t want to stay there.

Action Plan

It was recommended the successful sixth former programme would be ideal for Stephanie.  Her and her parents really needed to explore whether she was doing the right subjects at the right sixth form. The programme covered:


Stephanie realised she was struggling with Maths because the teacher assumed that everyone had done further Maths at GCSE. Stephanie hadn’t, and she had gaps in her knowledge which were affecting her learning. 

She also decided that Physics was not for her and wanted to study Economics which would fit well with business.

Stephanie took the decision to look at moving sixth forms. Her current one didn’t offer Economics and therefore she needed to move anyway. Stephanie will be starting year 12 again in the September and will be having a Maths tutor in the meantime to fill in the gaps in her knowledge.

She is much happier and wouldn’t have realised she could change subjects and start again with the guidance of the programme and the coaching.

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