James’s parents approached me after his year 13 mock exams.  He had been predicted AAB and achieved CCD.  James was keen to go to Uni and needed AAB for the Uni’s he’d applied too.  He was very worried that the AAB was out of reach for him.  He had done hours of revision but in the exams he couldn’t remember everything.

Initial action

A discovery session was carried out over zoom with the intention of finding out what wasn’t working in James’s revision plans.  Using our unique 3Ls framework©, we were able to ascertain the following.

Learning Preferences (L1) – How the brain prefers to learn.

James showed a preference for Visual and Audio Digital processing, which generally suit the school learning environment. James had a very detailed revision plan and had pages and pages of notes.  He also had flash cards, mind maps and many past paper questions.  In fact he had too many resources to work with.

Limiting Beliefs (L2) – Identifying any beliefs that are limiting the ability to learn and reach full potential.

James was of the mindset that the harder you work, the better the results. The more disappointing his results the harder he worked and he was beginning to feel that success was not possible.

Learning Journey (L3) – Understanding the experiences of learning, both positive and negative.

James had had a positive journey through school, always doing well but hadn’t had experience of sitting his GCSEs due to covid. Therefore, he hadn’t had the opportunity to perfect his revision skills for A levels. Therefore, he was trying everything he knew to see if that would work.

Action Plan

James had the right learning mindset but his revision plans needed to be streamlined and 121 coaching was recommended for the term leading up to his A level exams.  The sessions focussed on


James achieved AAA in his A levels.  He decided to have a gap year and think about what he really wanted to study at university.  He now has the study skills to use for Uni and beyond.

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