Will’s parents contacted me about their son in August 2022.  He was attending a grammar school but as the years had gone on his confidence in his studies appeared to be decreasing.  His exam results were getting worse, and they didn’t know how to help him. 

Initial action

Will was booked in for a discovery session and through careful questioning, a few quizzes and using our unique 3Ls framework©, we were able to ascertain the following.

Learning Preferences (L1) – How the brain prefers to learn.

Will had an adaptable brain and showed a preference for 3 out of the 4 preferences, Visual, Kinaesthetic and Audio Digital.

Limiting Beliefs (L2) – Identifying any beliefs that are limiting the ability to learn and reach full potential.

Will previously attended a very small primary school where he was used to being at the top of the class.  At grammar school he was finding it difficult to adjust being amongst students who were either, as good as, or better than him.  He had begun to believe he just wasn’t clever enough.  This was affecting his confidence.

Learning Journey (L3) – Understanding the experiences of learning, both positive and negative.

All through primary school Will was congratulated on being “clever” and never struggled with the work.  He was always ahead of the rest.  Now at grammar school he was finding it difficult not being top and for the first time found some subjects hard to grasp.  He was going down the path of self-doubt and his self-belief was falling.

Action Plan

It was recommended that Will had coaching focusing on


Will has settled into year 10 and is much happier.  His confidence has improved and so have his results.  He has a great study plan in place and is generally working smarter, not harder.  He is now comfortable with not coming the top in every test but enjoying his own growth and success.

His parents have noticed a real difference in Will and are delighted that he is enjoying school and learning again.

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