GCSE study success programme


Unlock your child’s full learning potential. Prepare them for GCSE-level study with effective pre-exam learning and revision strategies.


Our world class study success programme teaches children the art of learning

  • This is a 12 week programme composed partly of 1-2-1 coaching and partly of self-study
  • At the end of the course your child will be prepared for GCSE level study and revision, enabling them to achieve better GCSE results
  • Students can enrol in either September or December for this 12 week course.


A short overview

School education systems mainly focus on teaching specific subjects like Maths, English, and Science.

What is often overlooked is the critical skill of teaching your child how to learn and revise effectively. Each child has their own optimal style of learning.

Without knowing how to effectively learn means exam success is left somewhat to chance. However, once children acquire the art of effective learning and revision, their true potential is unlocked and the stress associated with exams becomes a thing of the past.

Moreover, these essential skills will benefit them throughout their entire lives and into their careers.

Introducing our comprehensive 12-week program carefully designed to teach your child the art of learning:

    1. Six modules with downloadable worksheets for their continuous use and growth
    2. Six group coaching calls, aligned with the 6 modules
    3. Informative videos that explain the content and guide them in utilising the provided workbooks effectively
    4. Lifelong access to the program so your child can revisit the content whenever needed, plus free bonus sibling access
    5. Additional support guides for parents: gain a comprehensive understanding of our programme’s process and approach

What do we equip your child with?

What benefits will I receive as a parent?

What you get for your investment

  • 6 online study modules worth £900. Each module on its own would cost £150.
  • Parent guides worth £100
  • 6 coaching calls worth £450

All of this adds up to a total value of £1450, however we are offering the study success programme for just £750 which is an incredible saving of ~50%.

The benefits of this programme can be measured in 2 tangible ways:

  1. Increase in GCSE grades (and A Levels) achieved over predicted grades before the course was taken
  2. Long-term earning ability is increased as a result of the student’s ability to maximise their education and workplace learning potential.

However, the intangible value can be seen in the emails I receive (like the ones below) where parents and students experience improved physical health, reduction of anxiety symptoms, improved motivation for learning and other activities and better relationships with family, friends and teachers. It’s hard to quantify these benefits, but they are there.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what other parent’s have said

More information

The Study Success Programme has been designed into easy to follow modules which are a combination of workbooks and training videos together with small group coaching sessions. We will work with each student to optimise their studies to suit them best.

How to get started

Enrolment is limited to ensure there is enough time for them to receive the right amount of coaching and support. For year 11 students there are two enrolment periods per year in September and December. 

Course format

Module 1

Discovering how your brain likes to learn – your learning style

Module 2

Discovering the different types of revision tools suitable for you.

Module 3

How to use your selected revision tools.

Module 4

The revision cycle – long term memory retention.

Module 5

Identifying revision strategies for different subjects.

Module 6

Getting ready for exam success.

Coaching Calls

Structured coaching calls to cover each module in detail for a 12 week period.

Don’t leave your child’s success to chance

Subject tutoring can cost £50 per hour and over a two year period that could mean you are paying £1000’s and if your teenager doesn’t know how to revise that money is wasted.

If you would like to book at 15-minute call to discuss if this is right for your teenager please click on the link to book your call with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each module is different but as a guide the modules will typically take 1-2 hours to complete. There are 6 modules and it’s perfectly possible to work through the whole course within 1 month. 

These are completed over zoom and are unlimited whilst you are on the program.

These are arranged by either the parent or student contacting me to book a slot.  This allows for flexibility of the sessions to be available when required.

Parents are given access to the programme too so they can see what their children should be doing and can get involved as much or as little as they want.

I also have access to the students progress and if they are not accessing the modules I will chase up and see if I can help.

Membership to the programme is for life.  You will also have access to all updates. 2021 will see a large number of extra modules added too.

Technically no, but as an existing subscriber there is no reason why other siblings could not access the course.  However I would ask that you purchase a separate coaching bundle so we can make the most of the course.  Three hours coaching would be £180.

Ideally from year 9 onwards when your teenager is starting their GCSE journey.  If your child is within 3 months of taking public exams, then 121 coaching would probably be better and more targeted.

If you’re not certain if it’s for your child then please get in contact and we can have a chat about the type of support you are looking for.

Special offer for October half term

We will be offering the Science Programme from the 25thOctober for 7 days together with the Study Success Programme.

For the week of half term there will be only 10 places available for The Study Success Programme. For those 10 students we are offering you the chance to buy both programmes together for £997.

Once the 10 places have gone, this offer goes too

The study success programme on its own is £997 so you get two programmes for the price of one.  That’s a 50% saving.

We’ve made this offer because we know that schools don’t have time to teach study skills and knowing how you learn just makes studying easier.

Great study skills together with a programme to help the reluctant scientist understand the key facts, can result in them getting two extra GCSE’s they’d perhaps thought was impossible.

Payment plans are also available, please enquire for more details.

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