Preparing for GCSE mock exams; 3 top skills needed for stress free teenagers.

Imagine your child getting 8 GCSE’s without having any written revision notes.

Imagine  your child going into the exam knowing they know it.

Imagine your child feeling relaxed and ready for every exam.

That was my son Mike in the summer of 2019.  He knew how he revised effectively, and had perfected his recall.  For every exam he was prepared, confident and knew he was going to get the best results possible for him.

He was prepared for his GCSE exams because he understood the 3 key things. I’m about to share with you now.

  1. Preparing for stress free GCSE mock exams – Revision Technique

Without good revision techniques preparing for mock GCSE exams can become overwhelming for our teenagers.  Sadly “how to revise” is not a subject covered by the national curriculum.

Most teenagers will try:

  • Flash cards 
  • Mind maps  
  • Reading their notes. 

Some are lucky and these work for them, some find their way to revise, others never find an effective way. 

Identifying what works for them is the very first step in preparing for mocks.  If they have the right tools and techniques it makes the transition into learning the content so much easier. 

How often have you heard a teenager saying they’ve spent hours revising and then know nothing?  I can guarantee they are using the wrong revision technique.

  1. Revision Recall

Once the student has the right revision technique, they actually have to learn the information.  That means getting it into their long term memory so they can recall it in an exam and beyond.  This is often the bit they miss out.  

If your teenager has spent hours writing revision notes they have to look over them more than once.  The brain is like a muscle, so the more we repeat something the greater the recall will be, muscle memory for the brain.   Part of preparing for GCSE mock exams is allowing time for reviewing the information, so it becomes knowledge.  This results in good recall in a test situation.

  1. Know what to expect.

Many students go into exams unprepared about what to expect.  You can have the best revision technique and recall but if you’ve learnt the wrong subjects you are not going to do very well.  Also if you don’t have a clue on the type of paper you are doing, you’re not prepared. You are not going to know the questions that will be asked but if you are familiar with how they ask the questions, how many marks and the topics you get no nasty surprises.  So many students don’t think to ask for this information but trust me it can help turn an anxious teenager into a calm and confident one.

Preparing for mock GCSE exams doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right revision techniques and recall your teenager will be feeling confident and ready for the exams ahead.





  If you think your teenager is struggling with any of the above points then please get in contact.

I offer a £99 discovery session which will help your teenager find the right revision strategy for them. They will understand what recall is, become more confident and calmer and become more prepared for the mocks ahead.

Contact me for more details.


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