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In response to the 2020/21 pandemic Connective-Learning has expanded its services to work in partnership with secondary schools.

The aim of this service is to offer additional support to parents and students, at no cost to the school.

Connective-Learning has over 10 years of experience working with students who, for a variety of reasons are struggling at school.

The main reasons for this are:

Now add in online lessons and lack of face to face lessons during 2020/21 and we have even more students struggling.

Therefore, partnering with schools to add additional support to parents and their children felt like to right thing to do.

Services available

Below are the core services that are available for schools to offer to parents free of charge.

When working in partnership with your school it will be possible to develop new services as required.

The idea behind the services we offer is to lighten the load for teachers and offer parents even more support for their children.

Financial incentives

When parents book additional services with Connective-Learning, to say thank you for the introduction, schools will be awarded a percentage of the fee.  Knowing how much school budgets are stretched it is very important to us that we give something back in our partnership of working together.

The Leslie Whiting award

Every term one student will be nominated for a free discovery session.  This is a student who the school feel would benefit most from the coaching session and perhaps may not be normally able to access the service.

This award is in honour of my late father who left school with no qualifications and the belief he couldn’t learn.  Although running his own business for 30 years he died still thinking he wasn’t good enough. To be able to offer this session is so important to us.  The aim being that we can help students discover their natural learning ability and grow in confidence and importantly leave school believing they can be successful.

Want to work with us?

Currently schools are being contacted and invited to partner with us.  We only have space to work with a limited number of schools each term.

However if we haven’t contacted you and you’d be interested in finding out more then please get in contact in one of the following ways:

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