Introducing the science success programme.

Finally, a way to give your child an ‘Unfair Advantage’!

Every child has to take core science, so let’s give your child an unfair advantage.

Science is a core subject in the UK which means every student has to take combined science irrespective of their ability.  Which some may think is a little unfair, particularly if their child is very good at non science subjects but lacks ability in this area. This is why we’ve developed our Science Success Programme.

Having spent the last 7 years working with students I have seen first-hand how many students struggle with the massive and diverse syllabus. Many of my coaching sessions have focussed on helping students understand and pass their science GCSE’s.

Students have gone from failure to achieving amazing passes in their actual GCSE exams.

Here’s what a couple of students have said:

I believe it’s perfectly possible for the majority of students to pass science with just a little bit of help.

This programme is the result of 1000’s of hours of personal study on the GCSE syllabus, combined with my expert knowledge of  ‘learning styles’ i.e how students learn.

Combining the above strengths means that this programme is the first of its kind. Below you’ll find details about what is in the programme to help you decide if it would be beneficial for your child.

Read on to find out how the programme works.

The programme outline

This programme follows the AQA syllabus for combined science GCSE.  This is the most popular syllabus chosen by schools which is why I selected this to start with.

The programme is separated into 4 modules.

The programme is being launched  in October 2021 in the following stages.

This programme is BIG and has loads of content.

Therefore, releasing the material in stages allows us to receive your feedback and make any amendments before releasing the next module.

The programme - details


The programme is accessed through my online learning portal.  It is easy to use and access. The programme is ‘Evergreen’ which means that you can use the programme for as long as you need it and if you have more than one child at school you only have to buy it once.

Invest once and you can use it over and over again.


So much thought and experience has gone into making this programme as useful as possible to a struggling student.  In each module you will find the following:

Workbooks –identifying the key areas you need to know and understand.  All downloadable for you     to print and file.  Presented in an easy to follow format.

Flash cards – prewritten with key details ensuring you don’t put too much on one card.  You can either print them out or copy the information.

Exam tips – identifying what type of questions you may get asked.

EXAM TIPS for 2022 These will be updated once we have topic updates from Ofqual.

Key points – to clear confusion the key points for a topic are highlighted.

Subject overlap – some subjects overlap within science and with other subjects.  These are identified for you.

Videos – each workbook has at least one video accompanying it.  Demonstration may be given for different learning objectives.  Ideal for all students per even better for those who prefer to listen and watch than read all the time.

Watch the video below to see a demo of the programme.


Q. Is it suitable for students doing Edexcel and OCR science?

A. The course syllabuses are slightly different from AQA and the way questions are asked are different.  Therefore, we would not recommend enrolment at this stage.

Q. The programme looks very big, how will my child cope with it?

A. Yes, there is a lot of content, but subjects are broken down into small booklets.  That means students can do one booklet at a time and also use the videos.

Q. Can I pay for the programme in instalments?

A. Yes payment plans are available.

Q. How does it work with the Study Success Programme?

A. The Study Success Programme comes with unlimited 121 coaching calls.  This means we can work together to ensure you use both programmes in the right way for your child.

Q. What if it doesn’t work?

The programme has been written based on over 7 years experience with students.  We know if it’s followed then results have to improve. We are so confident we back it with our 100% happiness guarantee.  (See below)


We are so confident that this programme will help your child achieve a grade 4-4 or above that we back it with our satisfaction guarantee.  If they don’t pass and have worked through the programme and video’s fully we will give you a refund.

Remember that there are only 10 places available!

P.S. Still not sure it’s right for you?

Why not book a parent chat and we can see if it’s the right thing for your child?

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