Discover How To Revise with the Study Success Programme

 The Study Success Programme is your online learning coach helping your child learn how to revise and be successful in exams

Benefits for students:

Benefits for parents:

This course is an online self-study programme comprising 6 modules with downloadable worksheets to keep and re-use. Parent course support guides can also be downloaded. There are 3 regular 121 coaching sessions also included in the programme so that your child can receive the tailored support they need. Take a look at a video demo of the course.

What you get for £599

Video training course through an online training portal.


Coaching calls, totalling 3 hours 

The benefits of this course can be measured in 2 tangible ways:

  1. Increase in GCSE grades (and A Levels) achieved over predicted grades before the course was taken
  2. Long-term earning ability is increased as a result of the student’s ability to maximise their education and workplace learning potential.

However, the intangible value can be seen in the emails I receive (like the ones below) where parents and students experience improved physical health, reduction of anxiety symptoms, improved motivation for learning and other activities and better relationships with family, friends and teachers. It’s hard to quantify these benefits, but they are there.

More information

The Study Success Programme has been designed into easy to follow modules which are a combination of workbooks and training videos. The modules are designed to be carried out one per week, but it is perfectly possible to do 2 modules a week.

How to enrol

Enrolment is limited to 10 students per month to ensure there is enough time for them to receive the right amount of coaching and support. 

If you would like to book at 15-minute call to discuss if this is right for your teenager please contact me at [email protected]

Course fees can be paid over 3 months at £220 per month.

Subject tutoring can cost £50 per hour and over a two year period that could mean you are paying £1000’s and if your teenager doesn’t know how to revise that money is wasted. 

Course format

Module 1 – Discovering how your brain likes to learn – your learning style

Module 2 – Discovering the different types of revision tools suitable for you.

Zoom Coaching Call

Module 3 – How to use your selected revision tools.

Module 4 – The revision cycle – long term memory retention.

Zoom Coaching Call

Module 5 – Identifying revision strategies for different subjects.

Module 6 – Getting ready for exam success.

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