The magic 4th L of the 3Ls framework©– a lifetime love of learning.

Our aim for every student we work with is to develop: –

“A lifetime love of learning” our 4th L.

By using our unique 3Ls framework© students can achieve this by:

L1 – knowing how they learn

L2 – removing limiting beliefs around their learning

L3 – making their learning journey a positive one.


What does school teach students about their ability to learn?

Is it all about the grades they achieve in the exams they take, or should it be something more?

Many of the students I work with measure their success on the grades they get for exams.  Learning is more than exam results, much more.

Their love of learning may not be for English or Maths but really discovering the things they love to learn is the first step to falling in love with learning.

So let me ask you the question: –

Are you a curious person?

Are you constantly discovering new things to enjoy, or do you shy away from “learning”?

The brain is like a muscle and needs activity to keep it fit and healthy. Challenging it to learn new things keeps the neurones firing and making new connections.

However, for some people the thought of learning something new is terrifying.

Perhaps they are frightened of failing
Perhaps they believe they are not clever enough
Perhaps they are just done with learning

I have worked with many adults who believe one or more of the above. It can act like paralysis preventing them move forward in their careers, relationships, and life in general.

Learning can take many forms and having a passion to learn and a belief that anything is possible is the vision we hold for every student.

Exams are just about a moment in time and only what you achieved at that moment.

But imagine if a love of learning is all about trying new things, or expanding on something you are already interested in.

If we allow our natural learning preferences to guide us, we will be drawn towards learning in a way that suits us. That could be learning via You tube videos, online courses or learning in the work we do. Some people might even go on to study for more exams.

The important thing is, that once you have left school, learning doesn’t have to stop. It can just take the form that’s right for you to enjoy and grow.  And a negative experience at school, doesn’t have to become your reality for adult life.

If you know how you learn, believe you can learn and turn negative past experiences into positives, a lifetime love of learning is inevitable.

The 3Ls framework© is not about getting the best exam results, although results do improve. It’s about helping students discover their natural learning abilities and equipping them with the tools they need, not just for school but for a lifetime.

Helping them grow into successful, confident young adults, ready for the life ahead.

That’s the magic 4th L.



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